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These are a few items we will send to you.  If there is a resource you'd like but we don't have it listed, please let us know.

To request any materials listed here or others you'd like, email us at:  We will respond as soon as possible.  Be sure to provide your shipping address.  Note:  We don't stock all materials and may ship some media directly from a publisher to you.
  • Abortion:  We will send brochures and pamphlets that describe fetal development and abortion procedures.  If you need something on this topic right away, please specify that it's "urgent".  We mostly send materials developed by
  • Church Rights:  While we do not offer legal advice, we can send brochures, pamphlets, etc that are produced by  Church Rights is about what activities churches can legally participate in and maintain their tax exempt (501c3) status.  We have found that many churches are not as active as they would like to be out of fear of retribution from government or hostile organizations.
  • Self Injury:  Cutting and other forms of self injury (S.I.) is a growing issue that the Christian and Therapeutic communities seem to have largely ignored for many many years.  It also appears to be one of the least understood psychological problems in the world.  There are not a lot of resources specifically designed as "self-help" like there are for people recovering from Child Abuse or addiction, for example.  However, we have access to some books and media that we ship and email that will help.  You are not alone, many suffer from Self Injury, even some famous movie stars and singers.  Many understand what you are going through.  While we can provide materials to help, we do not provide licensed therapy.  We refer for these needs.
  • Creation/Evolution: Creation and science seem to be odds.  But are they?  Did evolution really happen?  Is it happening today?  If God did not create the universe, then the foundation of Christianity is in jeopardy.  We can send you some videos that argue the Creation theory with legitimate science.  Our resources are and others.
  • Personal Finances:  Everything we "own" is on loan from God.  All these posessions are temporary.  God expects us to be good stewards of our property, and finances.  We should manage them in a way that glorifies God.  We provide materials that can help you get your "house in order" from and
  • Homosexuality:  Probably one of the most controversial issues of our time.  We have some resources that look at this issue from a Biblical perspective.  Our sources are,, and
  • More:  If there are other issues we can help with, please write us and let us know.  We will work to get you the materials you need.


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